The question I ask myself everyday is: What CAN I do today?

Most people focus on CAN'T. I used to do that too.

"Because I can't do X (thing which I thought I was going to do) I can't do anything and the whole day is write-off."

WRONG. The whole day isn't a write off.

What CAN I do today?

Today I thought I was going to plough through some intensive writing, but I woke up really tired and my head feels like it's full of cotton.

I managed about an hour of writing.

That's ok because my focus isn't on what I CAN'T do, it's on what I CAN I do.

I thought I was going to write, but today is not a writing day, so What CAN I do instead?

I can format a different piece of writing, I can answer e-mails, I can do some brainstorming, I can outline my project calendar.

The day is never a write-off just because we couldn't manage to get done what we thought we should. There's always something we CAN do to make the most of the day.

SO...what can YOU do today?


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