JUST A THOUGHT: I'm Quitting Hustle Culture

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Hustling kills creativity.

I am a writer.

Writing is my creative outlet, but I often struggle to sit down and do it because instead of allowing it to be about the enjoyable process that toying with words is for me, I let in the noise of "hustle culture" which demands that every creative thing a person does must be monetized and turned into a viable side-hustle. (Because otherwise, well, what is the point of the creativity? I mean really...*insert eye roll.*)

In an effort to allow myself the mental space I need to be creative, I've quit hustle culture.

I literally cannot stand to read/watch/listen to one most article/video/podcast that tells me how to get more likes/subscribers/followers.

I'm not interested in fucking pandering. I'm interested in creating.

I will do my art, and it will be whatever it will be.

Because the point of it is the satisfaction of working on a project. Of putting time and effort towards something, and then having something to show for it on the other side.

I don't get that satisfaction from my job, because it's a never-ending hamster wheel of problems to be dealt with, so I need to create that for myself elsewhere. Enter writing.

My writing cannot handle the pressure of having expectations put on it. I cannot handle that pressure.

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My writing needs to come from a place of needing to do it because it's fun for me. And it REALLY is FUN - I love toying with words and distilling complex ideas. LOVE IT. It's hard mental work, but I appreciate the intellectual challenge.

When I've crafted a thought into a beautiful cohesive flowing piece, I feel the way I imagine a sculptor does when he chips away all that is unnecessary from a block of marble to reveal the beauty inside.

I need to write because my brain needs the workout. And because I need a project or something to anchor me within the noise of my creative brain. It gives me great satisfaction to think about solving a problem and organizing something, whether it's practical logistics or thoughts.

And so I've stepped away from hustle culture. I create because I am a creator and I need to create. If you want to like, follow, or share, fine. If you don't, fine.

But I do what I do because it's who I am and that has nothing to do with hustling.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Gilbert via Facebook

(If you want to know more about letting go of hustling so that you can explore your creativity, read Elizabeth Gilbert's book BIG MAGIC.)


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