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Are the things you ultimately want - in the grander scheme of life - the things you want RIGHT NOW?

Where are you in your life right now?

What do you have the bandwidth for?

How much are you actually able to give?

Something I'm coming to terms with at this moment in time is the need to recognize where I am on my life's journey, and how important that is to providing clarity on the next best steps.

There's only so much time in a day, so what matters most, AT THIS MOMENT?

That differentiator - AT THIS MOMENT - is the key.

Because there are lots of things I want in my life, just the way I'm sure there are lots of things you want in your life. But do you want them RIGHT NOW?

Example: I know that someday I'd like to be in a long-term relationship. But I recognize that I'm not there now.

I am here: Where I am is still very much in the process of healing, and of finding my footing in this space of living life without my family at the forefront.

I'm learning who I am away from the heavy weight of familial expectations.

I'm learning how to love myself; am falling in love with myself.

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Now is not the time for me to fall in love with anyone other than myself, so even though I ultimately would like a relationship, I am not there now.

I also recognize that now is not the time to pursue lofty career goals; the Universe has given me the gift of time and space to heal my beautiful but dented soul by way of a safe and steady job.

I'm also working on listening to my body, healing my body, nurturing it. People who've grown up being physically abused learn to disconnect from their physical beings, so I'm learning how to be "in" my body again.

I am here: AT THIS MOMENT, I can only give my job, my friends, and the world a "maintenance" level of myself, but I can't give more than that because I need the extra energy for myself.

Life has suddenly gotten very, very quiet.

Most of my life has been spent living in fight or flight - whether familiar stress, relationship stress, work stress, life stress.

But all of a sudden, with my 42nd birthday looming ahead, I find myself in a quiet space where all is well and where there's no excruciatingly painful, stressful, emotionally challenging situation to deal with.

All is calm.

It's the time to re-balance.

Quiet times are opportunities to grow and to assess what we've learned through the experiences we've had.

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Where are you in your life right now?

What do you have the bandwidth for?

How much are you actually able to give?

We need to be honest about where we are and how much bandwidth we have available to give to any particular situation - because although we can do a lot of things, we can't do all the things.


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