Not Everyone’s Going to Like You, and That’s Ok

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Let's cut to the chase: not everyone's going to like you.

Intellectually you know that's true; you know in your head that you cannot possibly be loved by the entire world.

But practically speaking, when you come face-to-face with someone who genuinely doesn't like you, it's emotionally uncomfortable and can make you question your self-worth.

There are people who just aren't going to get you. (Yes, you with your quirky sense of humour and snorting laugh.)

There are people who just aren't going to like the particular flavour you bring to the table. (Because let's be honest, cucumber-flavoured Lays weren't made for everyone.)

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Being ok with some people not liking you is what will help you let go of those people fast, so that you can move on and find the people who think you're just the best thing ever.

My best friend in high school compared me to olives; she said that my personality was so distinct as to be polarizing in the same way that olives are.

People generally aren't neutral about olives; they either love them or hate them.

(The same can be said of other strong flavours like cilantro; there's an instant reaction as either people's eyes light up or their noses wrinkle.)

The thing is, we're all like olives because each one of us brings a particular flavour to the table.

The specific qualities that make me ME - the things that make you YOU - (a.k.a. our personalities) - those are FLAVOURS.

Not everyone likes the same flavours, and obviously that's ok. (See above re: cucumber Lays - somebody's buying those, but it's definitely not me.)

If you looked at rejection not as evidence that you're somehow lacking, but that your flavour just doesn't appeal to that particular person, wouldn't that be liberating?

Think about it: olives don't hide in a corner sobbing "Why doesn't anyone love me?!" if someone picks them off a pizza. It's not personal; they don't have a secret vendetta against olives. The person who discarded them just doesn't like that taste.

Also, olives don't try to change their flavour in order to appeal to those people who don't like them. (Can you imagine? "So, tell me Doctor, how can I make myself less olive-y?") They don't hang around where they're not appreciated, they just go find people who are big fans.

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Be like an olive; don't take rejection personally just because someone doesn't like your particular flavour. Instead, be totally yourself and go find your fan club.

There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet; if you keep putting yourself out there, you'll find the people who love the flavour of your personality.

(If there are enough people on this planet to warrant the production of cucumber Lays, there are enough people on this planet who will love you exactly as you are, snorting laugh and all.)

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  1. Well now, this makes me want to try cucumber lays. Well, maybe ;) lol!! Now personally speaking, I am going to claim being an almond stuffed olive because let’s face it, I can be a little nutty!


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