Are you a Silver Liner or a Sh*t Beamer?

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Hello boys and girls. 

Let us begin today's post with a few definitions.

Silver Liner: someone who finds the good in every bad situation. In a storm, the clouds have silver linings.

Sh*t Beamer: someone who finds the bad in every good situation. On a beautiful day, the sun has brown rays.

Everyone knows a sh*t beamer; no matter the situation they always find something to complain about. With these people, even on a sunny day you need an umbrella to avoid getting hit with falling brown debris.

Even if a previously bad situation has improved, instead of looking at how much better it's gotten, the sh*t beamers will find something that just isn't quite right.

Now what is the purpose of my somewhat vulgar analogy?

To help you instantly identify these people when you meet them so you know what to expect. It'll be easier to avoid disappointment, is what I'm saying.

If you know someone who's a sh*t beamer, you can simply expect that they'll never be happy, and you can stop trying. Because the insidious trick of every sh*t beamer is that they'll have you believe there's a solution to their unhappiness. That if only you fixed this one little thing, then all would be well.

But then - lo and freakin' behold - turns out as soon as one problem disappears, why, there's another one! (I'm clutching my invisible pearls here.)

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Knowing who people are can help you manage your expectations around them so that you can allot your efforts appropriately.

"Oh, I see - you're a sh*t beamer! Well now that I know, I don't even have to try. Thanks for saving me the trouble."

Don't get me wrong, you don't want to go and antagonize these people. But let's just say you're gonna wanna minimize your efforts, know what I mean?

Yes, they may very well be wrong.

Yes, you may very well have a much better way of looking at things - you silver liner, you!

But you need to understand with these people, it's not about logic, it's about an innate mindset.

Think of Eeyore; he was perpetually unhappy. Even on a sunny day that donkey was all like "woe is me."

Innate mindset.

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And yes, I know you might be very smart and very convincing, and if you want to use your time and energy trying to turn a sh*t beamer into a silver liner, go ahead.

You're more than welcome to die on that hill if you want to, but you're probably going to fail because by its very definition, innate mindset is something people have to change for themselves.

I've officially given up on these type of people. See my dad was a sh*t beamer and I spent 40-years of my life trying to turn his frown upside down.

And then I just got tired and gave up.

Now I'm allergic to people like that; you want to rain down your brown rays? Go ahead, just not on my well-manicured (read: positive) patch of grass, thank you very much.

My point: spend your emotional energy wisely. Because by the time you hit 40, your patience bucket for bullsh*t will be much smaller (think: sand pail) and you're gonna be very tired of a whole lot and just won't be able to anymore.

So don't.

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